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Heart Failure Care Platform

Improve operational efficiencies

Titrate in clinic & remote

Elevate HF program quality metrics

MOMENTUM, Heart Failure, HF, GDMT, Titration
MOMENUM, heart failure, GDMT, Titration, HF


Intuitive dashboards and GDMT titration wizards automate clinician activities supporting HF patients and improve care team bandwidth / efficiency.

- Smart dashboards identify and prioritize patient care needs automatically 

- Algorithm-guided titration wizards take the guesswork out of GDMT

MOMENTUM, Heart Failure, HF, GDMT, Titration

- Integrated patient app enables remote monitoring and titration activities outside of clinic

HF Care Plans should be developed in the context of individual patient lifestyle and shared care goals throughout disease management.

Patients & Caregivers

Managing HF care and titration in a hybrid model (in clinic & remote) reduces disruptions for both patients and caregivers and improves quality of life for all.

MOMENTUM, Heart Failure, HF, GDMT, Titration

- Symptom reporting and patient inquiries made simple with the patient app

- Optimize patient outcomes through improved GDMT participation rates

- Care plans automatically tailored to patients based on symptoms and health goals

MOMENTUM supports patients and caregivers throughout their journey and focuses on reducing hospital readmissions with a continuity of HF care.

Advanced Care for Heart Failure


Contact Us, MOMENTUM, Heart Failure, HF, GDMT, Titration
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